2023 Notice of cancellation!

- Come, and see sights you've never seen before, and experience thrills you've never felt before -

The park opening depends on the condition of ocean and of previous waves.

Visiting Frolic on sunny days is most recommended.
Please allow for necessary adjustments of scheduled visit times.

Date Day of the Week Wave Expectation Outlook of the event
being held
2022シーズン 鳥取開催はお休み! フロリック

*This is just an estimate, and is subject to change at any time, so please do frequent checks.
◎・・No waves, best condition 〇・・Barely any waves, a little shaking △・・Some waves, with shaking ×・・With waves and quite some amount of shaking

The first in western Japan!!! Introducing
"Frolic Sea Adventure Park ",
one of Japan’s largest marine athletic parks;

located in a near tha National Park in Tottori Prefecture, and a Global Geopark on the karo Coast,
featuring extremely rare, panoramic scenery.

While being active above, you can sometimes even look down and see a school of fish or a family of small squid swimming.
Last we introduced the world's first "Super Refreshing Attraction"! Children and adults alike enjoy it!

Enjoy SUP, water volleyball, and kayaking!

Entry Tickets

Pre-Purchased Tickets(Purchased Online)
Adults (accompanying children free) / 60 min.
Same Day Tickets(Purchased at the On-Site Ticket Vendor)
Adults (accompanying children free) / 60 min.
Weekdays JPY未定 JPY未定
Weekends and Holidays JPY1,800 JPY1,800
Bon Festival
JPY2,000 JPY2,000

Purchase tickets here

If tickets are sold out on the official Frolic website, please check the following sites that also sell tickets.
・Activity Japan

Scheduled Dates
Mon Tue〜Fri. Sat.Sun.Holidays
Bon Festival (8/11〜16)
9:00〜 ×
10:00〜 ×
16:00〜 ×

Depending on the weather (high waves, thunder, typhoons), we may make last minute changes to the schedule; please frequently check the News section of our homepage and Facebook notifications.

Please make sure to check in at reception before the meeting time (30 minutes before entering).

*For example, if you have a 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. ticket, please redeem them at the reception building by 8:30 a.m.
  • 8:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 9:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 10:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 11:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 12:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 13:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 14:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.
  • 15:30 We will close reception
    and meet together.

* Those who are late for the entry rule briefing (15 minutes before entry) may be refused entry.

* Nail art and long nails pose a risk of injury; this may lead to refused entry (nail clippers are available on site).

* Come assembly time, please do not bring any prohibited belongings, accessories etc. We cannot admit those with jewelry due to a risk of injury.

* For those with motion sickness, we highly recommend that you take medicine to prevent motion sickness on days when there are relatively high waves.


You can download and view the 2019 Frolic image collection.